Monthly Archives: April 2017

There are many days when all I really want to do is disappear. Studios are brilliant for this.  I can be in my studio for hours with no internet, no phone, no mail, and no one really knows where it is.  It is here that I can think and paint or draw freely.  When I remove myself from the influence… (more…)

I don’t know why but I feel this compulsive need to post work when I have come to a stopping point in the work.  This is not always the “finished” point, just one stopping place along the painting path. Posting has become a bit like painting daily.  It helps me see how the work appears in another context and the… (more…)

As I work with abstract concepts in my paintings, I keep revisiting this picture from a couple of years ago.  It gets better with age for me.  The image is from a photograph that I took from a moving car but the scene was imprinted in my brain as well.  It is acrylic on paper with oil pastel.

It has been so gorgeous outside!  Beautiful, beautiful April with so much in bloom already. This is my studio at home.   And this is a detail of a larger picture I am working on inside this studio.  It is taken from a photograph I took of the American River when I was in Sacramento two weekends ago. The river… (more…)