Be Inspired on the Plaza

I am so pleased to present my current works at Plaza: Be Inspired on the plaza in Arcata, CA.  It is a beautiful and well appointed store with charming and professional sales people.  I think my work was made for their walls!

These two pieces are hanging behind the sales register and I am happy to say the one on the left, The Power of Water, has been sold.

Waterfall is set off beautifully by the color of the store walls and lines up nicely with the lighting, candles and pillows arranged below it.

Finding My Way in the Bright Sun hangs in the back of the store by the furniture section and has been an immediate and irresistible draw for customers.  It is large, needs a corporate wall or a large residential wall.

Many other paintings are on display, many sizes are available, and the show runs throughout August.  The staff are knowledgeable and helpful.  Plaza Be Inspired.  On the plaza in Arcata, CA.   707 – 822 – 2250




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