It’s that time of year to begin preparing for North Coast Open Studios 2018.  My McKinleyville studio is totally revamped inside and Spring has made the outside irresistible. 


During the open studio weekends, the first two weekends in June,  I will have abstracts and landscapes available for sale. ALL of the landscapes are greatly reduced – I am running out of room and I want to find homes for the remaining pictures.  These are beautiful pictures. They were painted with lots of loving care and I have stopped showing them as I have turned my focus to the the abstract paintings.  It is still early days and I will post more information about where and what time in the coming weeks.

Some examples:

River Rocks     12 x 12  Fully framed.  $150


Winter Waves      16 x 20    fully framed     $200


Such a gorgeous day today!  It has been a good day for painting outside on the deck of my studio.  Here are four new Works in Progress.  And I cleaned up my painting knives.  I try to wipe them off each time I use them but it doesn’t always work out that way.  So a good two day soak in Dawn and olive oil brought these gems around.

wip on deck


clean knives

I have just completed a series of ten related paintings.  Happy day!  Each is based on one of two rock formations that I love to paint from.  And each reminds me of something completely different from rocks.  I am amazed by how the brain wants to take something random and make it into something.  Each painting is named for what I see in it.  I have posted a couple of them here.  For the rest, I refer to the paintings section of this site.  Check them out and see what your brain makes them into.  They are the last ten pictures featured.



16 x 12



16 x 12

My latest exhibit is on at the Pacific Grove Art Center in the Annand Gallery.   January’s gala opening night was filled with old friends and memories from the time I lived on the Monterey Peninsuala.  The evening was well attended and resulted in a couple of sales.  I am grateful to the staff and volunteers of the art center for making this event a success.


This is the back wall.  The curtain was the backdrop for a large print bin not pictured here.  I don’t typically make prints.  I do sell small, unframedsketches and originals in the bins.



The show runs through February 22, 2018.

In recent weeks I have been working to complete a couple of bodies of work.  These first two paintings are part of my Slippery Slope collection.   They represent a view of the cliffs and rocky areas along the northern shore that speak to my approach to these areas.  How close can I get and still understand the view as a landscape?  These are the areas that I like to look inside of for my other collections.



Graffiti at the Base of the Waterfall

48 x 36




30 x 48

This last painting is a part of my Portals series.  It is acrylic on paper and is approximately 36 x 48.  This group of paintings is inspired by both real and imagined landscape features.  This one happened to be real.

portal 2 (640x428)

Portal 2


Now that the weather is beginning to turn wetter and chillier I am working on larger works indoors. I have made a new painting wall at the C Street Studios to pin up large chunks of paper to paint on.  A series of rock inspired paintings is happening.

Slippery Slope

This is Slippery Slope and is 36 wide but I am not sure how high just yet.  It is acrylic, graphite, and pastel on canvapaper.

I have been outside and painting flowers and woodland areas recently.  On a visit to the marina I forsake the bay and trees for this simple plant:  the thistle.  The wind was wildly scattering its fluff and the other two unopened buds were taking note.  The air was warm and the sun was low in the sky.  An excellent day painting.  There were many of these spiny thistles marking the changes in the weather and this one reached out and grabbed me. I love the ethereal qualities of this plant:  it will soon be gone just like millions of thistles before it.

Thistle   24 x 18


24 x 18

acrylic on paper