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In recent weeks I have been working to complete a couple of bodies of work.  These first two paintings are part of my Slippery Slope collection.   They represent a view of the cliffs and rocky areas along the northern shore that speak to my approach to these areas.  How close can I get and still understand the view as a… (more…)

Now that the weather is beginning to turn wetter and chillier I am working on larger works indoors. I have made a new painting wall at the C Street Studios to pin up large chunks of paper to paint on.  A series of rock inspired paintings is happening. This is Slippery Slope and is 36 wide but I am not… (more…)

I have been outside and painting flowers and woodland areas recently.  On a visit to the marina I forsake the bay and trees for this simple plant:  the thistle.  The wind was wildly scattering its fluff and the other two unopened buds were taking note.  The air was warm and the sun was low in the sky.  An excellent day… (more…)

Wedge 22 x 30 acrylic on paper This painting and its counterparts really excite me.  There will be many more of these to come.  I am preparing to show them during my November show at the Arcata Artisans.

On September 9, 2017, I will be painting at the Humboldt Botanical Gardens during the yearly fundraiser.  Many painters were invited and I am honored to be among them.  I look forward to a rich and rewarding event. That being said, practice is in order.  Flowers are not a subject I paint often so I am relieved to have chosen… (more…)

All of my recent paintings are done with my continued dedication to brushless painting.  In the image below I worked with rags, pushers, scrapers, knives, and my fingers.  I pinned canvas paper to a wall, floor to ceiling, and began painting.  This allowed me to walk many feet away from the painting and added a perspective that I cannot get… (more…)

In the last several weeks I have made an incremental change to how I approach painting.  I got rid of my brushes. Well, I actually stored them in my studio that is 10 mile away.  I reached the conclusion that the brushes were limiting how I wanted to make the paint work.  And I was binding up into old habits… (more…)

There are many days when all I really want to do is disappear. Studios are brilliant for this.  I can be in my studio for hours with no internet, no phone, no mail, and no one really knows where it is.  It is here that I can think and paint or draw freely.  When I remove myself from the influence… (more…)

I don’t know why but I feel this compulsive need to post work when I have come to a stopping point in the work.  This is not always the “finished” point, just one stopping place along the painting path. Posting has become a bit like painting daily.  It helps me see how the work appears in another context and the… (more…)