About the Artist

When asked why I paint, my responses fall woefully short.  Because I love it.  It is my calling.  I have always wanted to paint.  These responses do not reach the deeper, underlying feelings that keep me coming back to the easel.

Flow is the absence of time and space that comes with deep experience of the moment.  In flow I experience a strong purpose and life that I do not have the vocabulary to describe.  It is more than understanding why I paint.  Flow is what I consider to be the only true reality.  Everything outside flow is clutter.

My subject is almost exclusively ancient volcanic ocean rocks and boulders around me.  When I view them, sketch them, paint them I feel connected to an ancient, expansive, all-knowing universal force.

Line directs the viewer in what I consider important directions.  Shape is the vertebrae of my compositions.  Color informs me of the power, conflict, and resolution of the scene. Exhibition is the natural extension of this process.



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