About the Artist / Art

The need to create has been with me since I was very young.  It has guided me through every aspect of my adult life.  Arranging our home, choosing adornments for out home and gardens, even setting the holiday table has been an artistic endeavor for me.  My favorite places to be are museums and galleries and studios.  When I began to paint in earnest I felt that I had realized a part of myself that had been asleep.  Well, I woke up and have been painting ever since.

My subject is almost exclusively ancient volcanic ocean rocks and boulders around me. My work is marked by painterly magnification of organic masses, fissures, and facets all in delicate balance to one another.  The results reveal a highly personal and internal relationship with the natural forms I am drawn to paint.  Viewers have commented that entering a room full of my work is “like entering another world.”  My work has been described as “strong” and “totally unique to the area”. 

I make strong use of lines that direct the viewer in what I consider important directions.  Shape is the vertebrae of my compositions.  Color informs  of the power, conflict, and resolution of each scene.



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