About the Artist



Raised by a musician and an educator in sprawling Los Angeles, the sparkly memories of her childhood are of beaches and summer camping trips.  She came to believe there were deep secrets in the beach and river rocks so she collected them with vigor.


Until the age of eighteen, Kathryn visited an ancient relative in Pacific Grove each summer.  Daily she walked downhill for three blocks to reach a rocky outcrop filled with tide pools, coarse sand, and whole seashells.  Kathryn learned there about an intricacy to life reflected in the weathered face of a boulder.


The birth of each of her children is marked by a photo of her husband holding their infants on a rocky shoreline in the middle of nowhere.  Years later, Kathryn’s mother revealed similar pictures of Kathryn being held and of herself being held on a riverbed of dry stones.


Several years later, Kathryn ventured out to paint the landscape with her friend and mentor, Mimi.  They set their easels on the the bay and at the beach near Kathryn’s home.  Although a trained art educator and painter herself, Mimi’s singular instruction to Kathryn was, “Paint what you see.”  So, armed with basics of color, design, drawing, and no fear, she settled into a career of painting the weathered faces of rocks.


Kathryn’s current work is the culmination of this seven year mentorship.  Although she is also known for her interpretative landscapes, she is currently painting from a contemporary abstract perspective.  She resides in northern California with her husband and two dogs.

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